A lot is unsaid, a lot is hidden, a lot wants to come out & face the sun but bigger than the desire is the shadow of the force that is concealing not just the attempt, or the matter but the whole enthusiasm driving it out – this perhaps qualifies to be called “swimming against the tide”, and a great swimmer that “the guy I know” is, would certainly cross the red line and appear before you in person to tell you all that he wants to!

As I progress with typing this write-up on him, he stands before me quite breaking the walls of virtual world and covers the keys with the fog of his physical presence, “the guy I know” claims to be shy but has accomplished more craziest and embarrassing of the things in his reach, he says, he does not like talking his heart out, but whenever I have happened to be an object in the galaxy of living and dead things making his surrounding, I have either heard him or the nature pas
sing a verbal node to his speech, this “the guy I know” seems to be little too different and original to be true and living.

His story is no different from mine, yours or anyone else’s who entered in this world first being just a combination of strong DNAs uniting together, he comes from a comfortable background, has seen the world, has tons of people he calls friends and leads a normal life but what brings him out and in absolute contrast with people of his generation is the fact that not many people know him.
“The guy I know” tries to learn from the bumpy drive down the road of his life but life seems to have learnt him as a fit to experiment extreme and he does not have a choice but to follow plans. More often than not, he meets fortune cordially but fortune only plays a short guest in his house, his belief in GOD keeps him expecting the guest again but with every successive visit, length of the visit keeps shortening. He is perplexed on what is really causing all that is cause to the effect of the way life has been to him and the only answer he gets is that he needs to dig deeper, clean his faith better.
“The guy I know” is still reading himself and the situation, pray for him, bless him and I would share as I discover more about “the guys I know”

By lavkush

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