The guy I know – turned 27!

Yes, the guy I know indeed turned 27 yesterday – ask me and I would honestly say 27 is not young but when posted for the guy I know – I might say 27 is not real old! The closer we get to a number we shift our eyes to an object placed distant – not sure if it is to add road to the journey or journey to road that always existed!
Have read a lot of people who have created greater identity for themselves before they were standing to blow the candle off the cake suggesting they had turned 27 and a silent comparison is perhaps inevitable but on how “the guy I know” assesses himself needs to stay with him for some more time , may be for a second round of review but yes there are details in the public domain which cannot remain his sole property and neither will he compromise on the opportunity to assess the results better before it is shared for a 2nd time, so here they are.
A lot has changes since “the guy I know” entered into the third decade of his life and it’s unfair to not say that he is very well placed in the last quarter of his third decade on the earth! Well, “The guy I know” is not a rich man yet, nor does he have the best body in town to fault – that brings him to the question – what are those things that he still hold and he is happy holding on to it- Memories, yes ( MY MEMORIES), Dreams , (MY DREAMS) , he says!
Past is the only treasure that we don’t share with anyone else – last 27 years have been truly mine! – no claims entertained!” – “Guy I know” says
Thankfully, he is healthy if carrying a couple of extra KGs of fat is considered healthy, his vision is intact if we don’t consider ‘work glare’, Has great stamina – if stamina means running to a spot where means of comfortable travel is easily available!  – “Wear and Tear” is only natural – he is 27 now!
Besides his physical appearance – I don’t see any change –  “The guy I know” still dreams of making big in politics, writing  best sellers , grabbing “Bharat Ratana for tremendous contribution towards the socio economic development  –Yes he dreams BIG and some may appear unrealistic when seen in light of his present attainments but like I have always been saying – “keep trying, keep learning, keep moving”  _ he wants his journey worthy of getting entry in the archival of his past!
I would not make it any longer – the timer on my laptop is Staring at me and rightly so , I’m just an hour away from the mid night  – Good night from “the guy I know” who turned 27!

By lavkush

5 thought on “The guy I know – turned 27!”
  1. Lav it seems I also know this guy who turned 27 but the way I see him is little different. The man who turned 27 is someone who I always find alone in crowd, however he always tried his best not to make it feel to others……. One thing I would like to recommend to this guy… "He is in wrong field & he should cherish his passion of writing & should take it to next level"………. 🙂

  2. Impressive, Lav,i can see that the aspiration to become a writer has its roots and basic potential in place already. Your narration of ur journey so far is by far more mature than ur age. I compliment you on this piece of writing.
    Although,the expressions,situations and sequence connection can attract crisp comments from experts, but for people like me , it's an interesting read. Waiting for more of it…Great !!

  3. just wana say, a grt person,a grt feeling,a grt truth, and offcourse a real new face of the guy u knw……………..hats off to him……..god bless the guy u knw…

  4. It is only coincidental that I also know this guy, but unlike you, it is only for the last 2 years.The very first image of this guy which comes to my mind, is of a good looking young lad with ray ban glasses and an impressive english ,meeting me for the first time in the summer of 2009 at Chanakya hotel at Patna.Though I myself had moved to the city of Patna after 14 long years when I had left the city for higher studies and employment,this personality was something that I could not relate to Patna.The mutual admiration only grew once i got an opportunity to work with " this guy " in a telecom company for close to 1 year.I did go on to buy a pair of a stylish sun glasses to give him the company.As i see this guy growing a little old, acquiring few more ray bans and adding few more kilos to his frame,one thing that has not changed is the love and affection for him

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