I’d have liked it to be a table of a bar filled with lights dancing to the tune played by the live orchestra trying hard to match up to lovely voice of a vocalist – who sounds very familiar but doesn’t look like one, singing the song that I always liked to hear but to a tune of her choosing.

As I bend down to carefully observe the color of my single malt .. I realize from the corner of the glass the sea shore is trying to take a sneak at me – in a soft way it was requesting me to stay there for ever. It perhaps didn’t like me sober, why else would it not look me in the eye from across the street from the diner where I catch my breakfast racing with the newspaper?

There is something about being drunk – it will let you smile that whatever you want it will also, let you cry at the same thing – without letting you change your feeling about the thing. This moment in many ways, was a reflection of a dream I once saw awake .. in an afternoon of bright winter day back in the valley where sound that air makes completes with the chirping of the words and Leafs fall to day soil making a sound that is very similar to whisper in the ear but unlike most wishes it is very clear.

I hear every word that it says –  hear the name it takes, the name that is spelled differently yet completes the meaning of my – my partner, my love- 

More I think .. more I believe that we can be together and we can be one .. the very moment a glare shadow of what is to believed to be my own imagination glows all around us leaving us little space to change course. We do as little as we think but then life, as it gets, goes on and every now and then we look to gather reasons.

These reasons make up for our validation .. our truth and even sometimes our myths we’re not very sure always .. it is always taking the first step in the dark. Into the unknown .. what we call familiarity is actually a function of time that we spend with one another .. exploring differences, feelings the width of how wide can these differences get over time and space. We do not always begin to end it abruptly but then sometimes things just end leaving every little space for us to understand.

What is it that we are trying to understand anyway!

By lavkush

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