Clarity is one thing that human minds understand and desire the most – this is a proven fact! If I were to put this any simpler I’d say – things which are simpler and truer are easier for people to comprehend fully. This dates back to the very origination of organized learning, we started from symbols and then gradually graduated to present form of storing & propagating knowledge by effectively combining competencies of character and images both- we call it info-graphics!

The first step to clarity, however, is Chaos!

This may sound a little out of place, but if you give it a thought you’d realize that – we wouldn’t seek clarity if it wasn’t for chaos! Humans are combative by design (this includes submissive, authoritative, passive, extremist, docile – all kind of human being). For those of you who are having a hard time believing that we are a combative race, should recall “survival of the fittest”. This principle from Sir Charles Darwin has been proven beyond doubt and because we have left millions of years of evolution behind us – we have grown from Fishes to Monkeys into our current forms where we have created the world for ourselves – full of conveniences and vocations.

That brings me the question – is Chaos a bad thing?  More often than not negative sentiments are attached with the word, if you were to ask 10 random people if they’d prefer chaos all of them would in one voice say that it is not desirable. I’m here to argue otherwise. 

I’m of the firm belief that Chaos helps progress!

I’m not arguing the impossible or on purpose trying to take the negative line of wisdom to attract attention but am saying so because I’ve carefully examined human history ( all that I could learn so far). Order is what is desired and chaos is what is opposite of it, now think of it. Orders are actually patterns that we fully comprehend and chaos are those we are not able to quite grasp, which is why we rearrange. It holds true for us putting our books on the shelves to folding clothes to finding the shortest route to our favorite cafe. 

It is always about bringing order!

One could argue that entire human progress should be attributed to this one thing – bringing order!

When we made villages outsiders dense forests – we organized housing near the source of food!
When we started thriving near rivers – we organized the capability of soil to give best results near a water source.
Fire was invented to end the chaos of darkness. 
Wheels brought order to the chaos of ease of movement. 
& then came the motor and that changed the world, beyond imagination.

We owe our entire progress, all our inventions and discoveries to Chaos.

Simplification is what we do best and that is what we must do to end the Chaos around us. Imagine standing at a center of a maze – the chaos of uncertainty surrounds us from all direction. We begin from not knowing, but progress, when we get the urge to know that first step and when we take it towards seeking clarity, we start ending Chaos. We move from one bit to another with relentless effort and quest for clarity, we reach the other end – Chaos leads to Clarity.

So next time when you find yourself in Chaos of any kind, remember, that it is for good and you can combat it in three simple steps. The thing here to note is that you cannot not have the patience to follow thru. If you leave it mid way you’ll have to live with it for the rest of your life.
  • Believing that this can be solved.
  • Break it down into smaller and manageable problems 
  • Take one problem at a time & progress till you reach the end.

Don’t get bogged down because there is Chaos .. this very chaos will make you find ways to Clarity, something you love and enjoy!

By lavkush

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  1. Most of us live within chaos but the trick is to take action on what truly matters to you, and live a life that has more significance than you thought possible amidst all chaos. Would like to mention been helping me see through chaos for some time now. Worth a try 🙂

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