17th of January, wrapped in an organizational announcement, brought us a piece of information , I don’t call it a news for the increasing anticipation in the week preceding had got many of us to deploy most of our resources to find out –what change can we expect, pronouncement stamped a few assumption as correct and a few otherwise – I don’t take any pride in claiming that my information sources had revealed to me exactly what made those tiny little boxes of organizational chart ( my resources are a blend of informed guess and suitable mix of permutation an combination ).

Well, but despite the faithfulness, we all awaited the news from the horse’ mouth to believe it for real – it arrived with a promise of making what seemed a “change” on the 17th as a “way of life” soon after. My astrologer friend has always been telling me that the “rahu and Ketu” at the degrees that they are operating in my natal chart  – sudden and surprising changes should reside at the very heart of series of events which will come together to make this year(#2012) for me – and trust me with this change I do believe the astrological prediction were absolute! – the change was swift and startling – whether pleasantly or not should be left for the upcoming to decide, for now I see this change as a “change” – nothing less , nothing more.

The change was now open, all guesses had been put to rest… which gave birth to a new discussion across the team aimed at understanding what could have been the probable causes to the effect of this change – I did not make myself a party of any such deliberation for I was still trying to get in peace with the new change. Why people were finding it difficult can we summarised, when you read the below compliments, I had received from our HOD, on my performance which by all standards is nothing sort of brilliant, for people who have expressed their view on it ( I don’t believe it to be a testimony of brilliance – it serves me a certificate of good work, though)

“Excellent job – Call Centre team – Haryana and HP. Nationally # 1 . AGAIN J 9th Month in a row ! “

I resumed the responsibility of this vertical in the month of Feb 2011, since then, month after month – we kept raising the bar, substantially exceeding the expectation, till this January , when I handed over this masterpiece to a very good friend – in that sense I am relieved and happy too!

They say, running fast is important , climbing steepest range is vital – but it is indeed lonely and uninteresting there  – for the first few months when we were nationally number one – it felt special –  (9)months after too it feels the same – what has changed in nine months? –  “desire to get to number 1” got replaced by the yearning “to consolidate the position there to not let the performance slip to even the number 2 spot” – we all toiled hard & honest, lord kept kind and we kept hitting the bull’s eye month on month – but what had certainly scaled down somewhere within me was the “eagerness” , I truly now wanted to change my position from the one executing it with my own hand , to one mentoring it from distance.

For last one week, I’m working on the new block in the organisation chart which has my seven letter name within its boundary  “Provisioning(FTA) & quality” verticals of Punjab, Haryana & HP telecom circles – and I’m yet again in the close company of my favourite feelings – I like being unfamiliar, unsure, unknown & Insecure – for it keeps me attached with the subject, as I try to learn it, beyond familiarity could ever have, it is like knowing that someone is great and trying to be friends with him/her without getting to face off physically. What best describes how I feel in the new responsibility is that , when we start for a tourist destination , we surly know what are the monuments to visit but we seldom know how are the streets going to be, what resemblance would small roadside shops have with the ones we have grown up among, and it is perhaps the unknown element that exhilarates me more than the obvious, to start on this journey afresh and enjoy the voyage along.

The new responsibility that I have been entrusted upon has shaken me for good, got my eyes opened wide, given me the view of a new target, a new desire and I’m all up for it – wish me luck!

Twitter : @LKstates: Harmony with present is best arrived at when we see ‘change’ as ‘change’ & let course of time prove it good or otherwise! Happy weekend 🙂

By lavkush

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  1. best of luck dude for the new assignment… 🙂 another 9 months of hard work on the way… but, i wish this should be in some other organisation…

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