“The want to continue in a relationship is perhaps not enough for the relationship to survive on a happy note or should I say survive naturally and not struggle to survive , there is a lot more to it! Some of them are so critically important that they just cannot be ignored , should we not want to ignore the relationship itself – one of those most vital element are “care and its expression” and whether care is  seen as care by the person you care for? “Relationship/association cannot be called complete if care is seen as intrusion in personal space, as an attempt to encroach into personal freedom and thus impacting the mutual harmony, negatively” – it sounds just as strange as it is true!

Two people might love each other deeply and truly but love alone is as lame, unless given the strong and swift  legs of understanding, it does not travel too far or reach any destination which is respectably desired”  _ “The Guy I know” though these lines raises questions which are more than relevant, may not be to a lot of people but certainly to some or I should say, blessed few who are in a relationship or believe that they are in one.

In a conservative society the values are particularly people and action centric , these actions are really small but important as it determines bigger aspects of our life better than any other medium does? “Degree of care and volume of acceptance” are perhaps the most important determinants to determine if the relationship is healthy or is perfectly imbalanced ?  I could realise the “ The guy I know” is closing in, to the tool of detection but could not really control the sudden rush of adrenaline and spoke – I guess, its understanding , its whether both in the relationship see spade as spade? Simply put – do they have common definitions to describe if not all matters, a few – examples could be do they describe what is “funny” or let’s say “obscene” alike ? Well, if they don’t – you have a problem at hand, a real big problem – coz it very simply means that in life as you move ahead taking common decisions will be a matter of practical impossibility as the moment both don’t agree and don’t  behave as “one”, the harmony, so much needed for a healthy and memorable living together comes under high potential threat?

When both the parties disagree on matters, it is essential that the individual views are confronted , both think each other to be wrong, the one recommending actions feels disregarded and devoid of rights but the same time the one who is to act or behave in line with the recommendation made, feels his/her personal freedom is being attacked , they feel intruded and in some matters insulted too . Its a typically complex situation  – “both disagree , both have different views” _  leaving the matter and moving ahead leaving it unsolved should not be considered as issues when left unattended and unresolved, pile up becoming perfect breeding ground for more confusions – but neither is it a matter which stands chances of getting resolved when talked because both parties involved stand for values which are not similar, if not opposite and because both are adamant to hold on to their beliefs of right and wrong.

You can consider yourself lucky if you happen to have a common friend – they work like real messiah in such circumstances but if you don’t have a common friend , you don’t need any other credential to be a certified “unfortunate” – So what do you do ?

The answer is in staying at bay , becoming a silent observer, if you think you have made enough attempts to make your point understandable- let destiny take its own course , because some fact are not best explained in word but communicated though silence for nature has a very well balanced mechanism of granting only the “truth and the right ” life , whatever is wrong dies its death soon – but one mustn’t leave hope for some “wrong behaviour/actions/words” live longer than the others , at the end what is right will survive and you will get what you deserve in the shape that is right.

With these words, “The guy I know” – says bye!

By lavkush