Critics of democracy have often to discredit it have called it ‘rule by the mob’ – I’m a proponent of free and fair democracy and therefore have serious differences with that line of thought. But have to admit that every now and then we do experience instances which if not conclusively but at least to a certain degree of belief go on to suggest that the critics may well be right, at least in those limited contexts!

Jallikuttu is one such instance! 

Sorry, I’m not going to uselessly add details around what this rich tradition is, how it came in to being etc. I’ve only visited Tamil Nadu about 8 times, out of which 6 times my visits where limited to T Nagar and Mahindra City areas of Chennai, so I’m clearly not someone who can claim to understand social fabric of Tamil Nadu. I’m so naive that I do not even speak or follow Tamil .. but share something in common with my Tamil brethren that is love for Thallaiva Rajni and admiration for Jayalalitha brand of politics, I’m just as crazy for movies and can eat Idli and Dosa for meals for at least 10 days in a row without complaining – That gives me the right to air my views on the whole thing.

I’m also not going to debate if the tradition should be allowed to live in its current form .. if it has survived 400 years, surely, people would have their reasons to like and love it. I’m also not going to bat for PETA, which is way too active in some cases and almost dormant in others .. I’m only going to touch upon a few aspects mainly from the interactions that I have had with a few people on my twitter handle (@LKstates).

The aspect that demands serious bit of thought and subjective attention certainly is the frequency of uprising against the order of the supreme court of India that have been coming from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in the recent past. Let me begin by saying, I consider that collective wisdom of those who were up in arms isn’t even comparable to a fraction of acumen our learned judges have & I don’t think I need to stress on that, they have been upholding our constitution ever since it breathed to life.

People have a right to protest and nothing can take that away from them – this is a very valid sentiment, all revolutions that human history is proud of came about only because men and women stood against the rule of the day for a demand that was just, fair and for the benefit of the people specially those under privileged and without a voice of their own – but does that licence getting together to march a protest against every ruling, every judgement?

Supreme Court has not once but twice banned the bull circus citing reasons of animal welfare – people have risen to oppose it and the way its going, they may overturn it as well. The other uprising happened even when water sharing formula was suggested by the apex court to end the long standing dispute between fighting neighbours – what it resulted into was violent protest! Were these very civil and sensible moves .. I leave it for you to decide.

If we start protesting to bend rules to make things happen our way every single time for anything and everything under the sun, will we not lose the benefit of having a viable and respected arbitrator? That brings me to the end this dialogue- Should emotions be allowed to overrule the rulings of the law? Think about it.

I have been sharing my views on the whole thing .. ( must admit that these have been shaped by reading all that is being published in favour as well as against the movement) 

Here are a few! Rule by the MOB is dangerous!

Think about it!

By lavkush